Live Review: PVRIS – Good Things Side Show – Brisbane 2023

Live Review: PVRIS – Good Things Side Show – Brisbane 2023

VENUE: The Triffid
DATE: December 5th 2023

Lowell, Massachusetts’s ‘PVRIS’ were put through the ringer on this Australian tour. From sweltering
heat waves to unfortunate illness, neither which stopped the Goddess herself; Lynn Gunn, from
powering through and putting on a show to remember for The Triffid audience. Joining the threepiece band on all three sideshows was Australian local ‘Chez’ and Florida’s American rock band
‘Magnolia Park.’

Coming from across the country for her Brisbane debut, ‘Chez’ got the crowd warmed up with fans,
old and new, singing and dancing along to her rockified, pop music. The chemistry between Chezni
Watson and her band is both fun and witty creating an upbeat atmosphere. Watson performed
originals such as ‘SELF SABOTAGE’ and a cover of Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever,’ clearly inspired by
‘Loveless’s’ rendition of the pop hit. ‘Chez’ is a name fans will not be forgetting anytime soon, and
we hope to see her make a return in the near future.

The not so “TikTok Band” Magnolia Park took the stage as heaviest band of the night. The energy
these guys have in their performance is unmatched. They know how to get a crowd moving. The
quintet performed some of their tops hits ‘10 For 10’ and ‘Liar’ which had the crowd singing and
screaming along to the music, heavily relating to the lyrics written by front man Joshua Roberts.
Cracking under peer pressure, guitarist Tristan Torres was subjected to the Australian tradition of
the shoey, A continuous theme at all Australian shows as of late. With the crowd raring to go, it was
time for the main act.

It felt good to be alive inside the walls of Brisbane’s Newstead venue ‘The Triffid’ as PVRIS put on
their best show possible considering the unfortunate circumstances of Lynn Gunn falling unwell at
the beginning of tour. But no sickness was going to stop Gunn from performing a fire show. With her
beautiful harmonies and powerful vocals, Gunn had the whole crowd entranced. The set chosen for
this tour was a crowd favourite with songs from their newest album ‘Evergreen’ making an
appearance along with ‘Use Me,’ ‘All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell’ and ‘White Noise.’
Covering their entire discography is something a crowd can only dream of when attending a concert.
Having the audience cheering and wishing the lead singer well on her vocal recovery, the show
wrapped up earlier than expected but still left no one disappointed. No one in the crowd left The
Triffid that night wanting to be anywhere else.