Live Review: Robbie Williams – A Day On The Green 2023 – Sirromet Winery, Mt. Cotton

Live Review: Robbie Williams – A Day On The Green 2023 – Sirromet Winery, Mt. Cotton


I think the last time I was as excited for a concert was about 20 years ago! I have been looking forward to this show since it was announced. Robbie Williams, the undisputed King of pop, coming to our little neck of the woods at Sirromet Winery! What an absolutely magical afternoon and night! 

The magic started when we arrived at Sirromet and found our spot on the grass in the front GA section. I loved watching everybody flow in and find their space, and seeing the laughter and joy as people set up their little picnics and poured their first drinks. DJ Joey Lightbulb played some great tracks allowing everybody to just enjoy a chilled vibe for the afternoon. 

An exciting inclusion in the line up, Lufthaus opened the performances for the day with their electronic sound radiating over the hills of Mount Cotton. Lufthaus is Robbie Williams dance music project which saw him make an under the radar return to music in early 2022. Since then however the group has had much success and released their debut album in September this year. I really enjoyed their opening set and getting to know more music from Robbie and his contribution to this great collaboration. 

English musician and frontman of the band Supergrass, Gaz Coombes gave a flawless performance with a set filled with soothing blues vibes through to upbeat rock songs! I think he was a little unappreciated by the crowd, but I thought Gaz Coombes was outstanding! What a voice! Dancing the afternoon away with Gaz and his band was a perfect way to warm the crowd for the man we were all waiting for. 

Off the back of his Netflix documentary, the XXV tour is such a special experience! I think because the layers are already off, the moment the music started the energy and emotions coming from the stage were simply infectious! What an incredible showman!!! 

Opening up with 2012 hit ‘Hey Wow Yeah Yeah’ all the girls and boys were clapping their hands at the silhouette of Robbie behind the screens, and when those screens came up, the showman came alive and so did the crowd! 

‘Let Me Entertain You’ really lifted the crowd again as Robbie, ‘re-introduced himself’, his band and his a$$ and made sure we were with him, before he returned to dancing up a storm as the crowd screamed and cheered. 

Robbie told us he was going to take us on a journey of the ‘highest highs and the lowest lows’ and all the things in between. He shared stories of his life, chatted with the crowd, hugged a fan or 2 and just looked like he was having the time of his life. I know, I was.

I loved the covers of Take That and Oasis. Nothing like ‘sticking it to the man’ by singing these songs just as good, if not better than the originals! And that’s what makes me love Robbie Williams so much, that energy that says, enough of your shit, now I do it my way! And he does it with such effortless joy, a radiating smile and a genuine love for being on the stage! I could not have been more grateful to have danced and sung the night away with this incredibly talented superstar!! 

Hearing hits like ‘Come Undone’ and ‘She’s The One’ live were incredibly moving, and then dancing our butts off to ‘Kids’ and ‘Rock DJ’ where you never want the moment to end, song after song of passionate delivery and raw emotion in every song was the journey Robbie had promised us. 

‘Like a Bogan fairytale’ may be my most favorite way I have ever heard a crowd described, but that is exactly the compliment Robbie gave us as he asked us to light up the night with our phones and then helped us sing him into the final song of the night, ‘Angels’. 

I saw people crying tears of related pain and tears of genuine joy and happiness. People dancing and cheering in every direction, just one big party with our host for the night, Robbie Williams. 

There are limited tickets available for the remainder of the tour and I think if you have always wanted to see Robbie and can get to these venues, this is the time to go! He is in the prime of his career and having an awful lot of fun on stage and with the crowd and it truly is not to be missed for every fan! 

To the amazing folks at A Day on The Green who put on a fantastic show, Frontier Touring for bringing us this great tour and Robbie Williams and his team, thank you so much for coming out to Sirromet Winery! I will never forget the night we spent with the greatest showman of our time! Robbie, you are magic! 

Until the next gig