Live Review: Taylor Acorn – Brisbane


Taylor Acorn’s debut in Australia with her ‘Good Enough Aus & US Tour’ brought together a
mixed bag of music lovers on Saturday night at Brisbane’s local venue ‘The Zoo.’ Joining Taylor
on her East Coast Tour were Gold Coast, indie-rock band ‘Friends of Friends’ and Perth’s music
queen ‘Chez.’

4-Piece band ‘Friends of Friends’ got the night going, drawing audience members to the stage
with lead singer Barnaby Baker singing out some incredible vocals. Accompanied by his band
mates; drummer Morgan Blake, bassist Frank Christian and lead guitarist Thomas Bowie, the
quartet put on a captivating and ‘make you wanna dance’ performance. Special mention goes
out to Bowie, whenever he wasn’t too busy shredding on the guitar, he was always having a
little boogie on stage and having fun. Although it was a short set for the Gold Coast band with
only six songs in total, it was enough to get the crowd riled and ready for what was to come.

Returning to Brisbane for her second time since December 2023, previously having opened for
‘PVRIS’s’ Good Things sideshow, Chez brought the energy as always and gave another
fantastic show. Being the bold alter-ego of Perth’s Chezni Watson, ‘Chez’ never ceases to
amaze crowds with her euphonious and orotund vocals. The chemistry she has on stage with
fellow bandmates Reece Vlenzo (guitar) and Aaron Bacci (drums) [Caleb Lenzo, their bassist
was back home in Perth for a wedding], is always a pleasure to watch, particularly when Watson
and Vlenzo dance around the stage with one another. When hearing of ‘The Zoo’ venue,
Watson confused the Valley based locale for our famous ‘Australia Zoo.’
“When it said we were playing at The Zoo, I thought we were playing at Australia Zoo.”
Watson not only is stylish on stage but also holds herself with an innocent and bubbly
personality. On March 8th, ‘Chez’ released her newest hit single ‘Liar Liar.’ For those already
familiar with ‘Chez’ would have heard the song prior to release. This upbeat and bass-heavy hit
is not a song you wanna miss!

Fans of Taylor Acorn have been waiting to see the ex-country now pop-punk artist since she
started her music career in 2014. Having switched genres in the middle of the pandemic, Acorn
brought a crowd of varying individuals, all united in a single room for one thing, to hear the
debut of their favorite Nashville artist. Opening the show with her newest single ‘Grey,’ Acorn
had audience members singing along to her lyrics from start to finish. Covering both of her
genres, Taylor Acorn played hits such as True Crime, Coma and Certified Depressant. Like
many artists to date, TikTok has played a huge part in Acorn gaining traction in her music
career, enabling her to reach audiences of all ages and genres. The ‘Good Enough’ tour name
came from Taylor Acorn’s favorite song on her latest album, ‘Certified Depressant’ titled ‘Good
Enough.’ A song hitting home for those who feel they are never good enough for themselves or
those around them. Taylor Acorn aims to empower young individuals with her music and give
fans something to resonate with.

Debuting her talents in Australia after ten years, Taylor Acorn brought the pop-to-the-punk with
her “Good Enough Aus & US Tour.” Gold Coast locals ‘Friends of Friends’ started the night off
on a high note and Perth’s ‘Chez’ kept the good vibes going all night. Australia looks forward to
welcoming Taylor Acorn back soon but in the meantime, Australian fans can find Acorn’s music
on streaming services.