Live Review: The Waifs Live Brisbane 2023

DATE: JULY 21ST 2023

My goodness do I love Australian Music, and these vibrant and magical souls are part of the reason why! Vikki Thorn, watching you live on the Harmonica is something very special! I watch the way your head shakes and your hand holds the pauses in the music! I just don’t think there is a way to explain how much the music from your souls radiates for those there to enjoy it live! 

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. 

The night started with just the right vibe as Mick Thomas, formerly of Weddings, Parties, Anything took the stage with a quick joke and straight into the music. Accompanied by fellow WPA mate Squeezebox Wally and the gorgeous Brooke Taylor there was a lot of fun and passion on stage, which was made even more clear when we lost the PA for a bit, but without missing a beat, they just kept playing; their passion carrying their voices and instruments through the venue. The PA kicked back in after not too long and Mick, Wally and Brooke thrilled the crowd right ’til the end of their set. 

Waiting for the Waifs to take the stage I thought about buying ‘Up All Night’ when it was first released and how I listened to it everyday for about a year, and it still gets pretty steady playing time today! So to be at the Tivoli to share in the celebration of this album is something I am very grateful for. 

As Donna, Vikki and Josh took the stage, the crowd erupted and the first notes of the Harmonica sang out and The Waifs delivered us ‘Fisherman’s Daughter’ to open the set, as it opens the album we are here to celebrate. Then into one of my album favorites, ‘Flesh and Blood’. The way this band dances together and gels on stage is contagious and the crowd danced along with them. 

It’s at this point in the night when Donna tells us her first story which involved a tale of a trip the night before (and we are very glad you are ok) and a dedication to the photographers capturing the show which was a beautiful moment. 

On with the show and the scene on stage is totally captivating! The Waifs are not a traditional band by any means. They use an array of instruments, to create an atmosphere unlike any other. From double bass, to an array of harmonica’s in every key imaginable, coupled with so many types of percussion instruments they play, and destroy in Donna’s case, you really get the true band experience.

Hearing all songs from ‘Up All Night’ performed live really was a treat. You can really feel the love the band have for this album and I love hearing the different live twists in the songs here and there which allow you to see the growth in the song and the singer…. And I loved that the set was thickened out with more of The Waifs work and the encore was just sensational! Talk about a way to end the night! 

There is no doubt the future of music has many different directions and possibilities, but seeing a band like The Waifs, with their real home grown folk-ness, playing all their instruments, singing all their songs, and having a hell of a good time doing it, this is what music is all about. Nothing will ever fill my soul the same way seeing live music will. 

Partying Up All Night (excuse the very obvious pun) with The Waifs was one of the funniest nights out I have had in a while, my feet are still tapping and the songs are still playing in my head. Thank you to Stacey at Daydream Nation PR, all the folks at The Tivoli and to The Waifs for having us along, it was a simply fantastic night! 

Until the next gig. 



Fisherman’s Daughter 
Flesh and Blood 
Nothing New 
London Still 
Fourth Floor 
Highway One 
Since I Been Around 
Sun Dirt Water 
Love Serenade 
The Sting 
How Many Miles 
Three Down 
Up All Night 
Heart In The Game 


Bridal Train 
Crazy Train