News: Motley Crue And BMG Celebrate 40th Anniversary Of Band’s Genre Defining Album ‘Shout At The Devil’ With ‘Year Of The Devil”

News: Motley Crue And BMG Celebrate 40th Anniversary Of Band’s Genre Defining Album ‘Shout At The Devil’ With ‘Year Of The Devil”

BMG announces YEAR OF THE DEVIL, a multi-configuration celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Mötley Crüe’s landmark 2nd album, SHOUT THE DEVIL. The centrepiece of YEAR OF THE DEVIL is the Limited Edition Super Deluxe Box Set which features the newly remastered album on LP, CD and Cassette.  Also included are reproductions of the original 7” singles of “Too Young To Fall In Love” and “Looks That Kill” alongside a Pentagram Séance Board, Devil Board w/Metal Planchette, Metal 7” Adapter, album art lithographs, tarot cards, devil candle holder and more.  In addition, 7 rare demo tracks have been resurrected and are included as SHOUT AT THE DEMOS & RARITIES.

Pre-order now and instantly listen to rare track “Black Widow (Demo)”

SHOUT AT THE DEVIL – 40th Anniversary is available as a streaming/digital deluxe edition and comes in the following physical Limited Edition configurations:  Super Deluxe Box Set, Picture Disc, Red/Black Vinyl, LP Replica CD, and Lenticular CD.

Originally released in 1983 at the height of the Satanic Panic, SHOUT AT THE DEVIL catapulted Mötley Crüe to superstardom. Delivering on the hype and promise of their PLATINUM debut, Too Fast For Love, Mötley Crüe’s second album hit the US Top 20 and was certified 4X PLATINUM. For many music fans, SHOUT AT THE DEVIL was the first time they witnessed an album with this imagery and lyrical content on mainstream retail shelves.

SHOUT AT THE DEVIL continues to be a cornerstone of Mötley Crüe’s live set, with the band playing up to 4 songs from this iconic album at every show of THE WORLD TOUR which is currently underway. Fittingly, the original touring cycle for this album saw Mötley Crüe jump from opening act to full on arena headliners.

The ground-breaking music videos for “Looks That Kill” and “Too Young To Fall In Love” set the standard for countless MTV moments. Those two singles, combined with the sinister title track, reckless cuts like “Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid”, “Bastard” and “Red Hot”, their frenzied take on “Helter Skelter” and the haunting nearly instrumental “God Bless The Children Of The Beast” helped create this era- and genre-defining album.

40 years later, MÖTLEY CRÜE is still going strong, bigger than EVER and headlining STADIUMS around the world!

Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set Includes:

• Original Album Remastered on Orange/Yellow Splatter LP

• Shout At The Demos & Rarities Red/White Splatter LP

• Shout At The Devil CD

• Shout At The Devil Cassette

• “Looks That Kill” White 7”

• “Too Young To Fall In Love” Orange 7”

• Devil Board w/Metal Planchette

• Metal Pentagram 7” Adapter

• Pentagram Felt Bag 

• Devil Candle Holder (candle not included)

• Band Member Tarot Cards

• 12” x 12” Pentagram Séance Board

• Two 12” x 12” Shout At The Devil Blood Album Cover Litho Art Prints

Album Tracklist:

1. In The Beginning 

2. Shout At The Devil 

3. Looks That Kill 

4. Bastard

5. God Bless The Children Of The Beast

6. Helter Skelter 

7. Red Hot 

8. Too Young To Fall In Love

9. Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid

10. Ten Seconds To Love

11. Danger

Shout At The Demos & Rarities Tracklist:

1. Shout At The Devil (Demo)

2. Looks That Kill (Demo)

3. Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid (Demo)

4. Too Young To Fall In Love (Demo)

5. Hotter Than Hell (Demo for “Louder Than Hell”)

6. I Will Survive (Demo)

7. Black Widow (Demo)


ALBUM CHART HISTORY: US #17 / Finland #18 / Canada #23 / Switzerland #59 / Australia #85

SINGLES CHART HISTORY: “Shout At The Devil” #30 US Rock (1983) / “Looks That Kill” #54 US Hot 100 / #12 US Rock (1984) / “Too Young To Fall In Love” #90 US Hot 100 / #17 US Rock (1984)



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