Q + A With Georgia Flood

Q + A With Georgia Flood

Floating with ethereal sensuality and lush electronic pop, the brand new single Blue Honey out today from Australian singer-songwriter and actress Georgia Flood silkily captures the gamut of anxiety with glassy and polished affability. Following on from Georgia Flood’s country-dipped debut single Cowboy earlier this year, Blue Honey seamlessly embodies its cool and oozing namesake while also mingling Flood’s formative musical loves and eclectic inspirations. We caught up with Georgia for a quick Q+A

Hi, thanks for taking the time to chat with Hear 2 Zen, what have you been up to today?

I just arrived in London! Jet lag is real, but so is coffee. 

Tell us about yourself, how long have you been performing/creating music for? 

I’ve been performing since I can remember. But I’ve been creating music, songwriting maybe for the last ten years. More seriously in the last two years. 

Who are your greatest inspirations?  Why?

Some of my greatest inspirations are Roisin Murphy; for her innovative, game changing and un-self-conscious sculptures she calls songs. Taylor Swift: I just adore her lyrics and unique way she blends a deep sense of yearning with total joy and flirtation. Patsy Cline: I draw a lot of inspiration from the simple yet powerful way she sings ‘Crazy’ – one of the greatest songs ever written, thank you Willie Nelson. Vincent by Don Mclean is also one of the greatest ever written songs…Tennessee Whiskey by George Jones…another perfect song. I mean…Dolly Parton…Jolene..a perfect song…Fred Again, because Fred Again. 

And then there is Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Their skill and talent inspire me to actually practice singing. 

I guess I am most inspired by song writing. Story. When a beautiful poem holds the hand of a heart wrenching yet motivating melody, that’s perfection…I just hold that art in the highest regard. When the meeting of music and lyrics, meets the listener. Oh, yeah and ground breaking electronic production. 

How do you create music?  Are you lyrics/story driven, or does the music/melody come first?  Explain your process.

It depends, sometimes a melody falls into my ears, out of nowhere and I have to record it instantly – but then I definitely need a story to finish the melody. I can’t seem to perpetuate a song idea without the words. Which I love. I love this process. 

What has been your greatest challenge so far in performing/creating music?

Finding my voice. 

Tell us about your new release Blue Honey, how did it come about?

It’s about my experience with anxiety. It came about, after having a strange experience at a friend’s farm back in 2020. My friends had an upright and a drum kit in their living room. So, we started to muse and jam over our strange experience. I just played three chords, and started singing “da da dee, da da dah”. Lyrics which were supposed to be placeholders, that I ended up keeping. 

What advice do you have to artists who are just starting out?

Trust your own ears. 

 Tell us your favourite Zen practice.

Breathing exercises followed by meditating to…usually a YouTube video titled something like “positive frequency meditation brand new morning happy vibes forest awakening music”…