Q + A With Remy Ondrey

Q + A With Remy Ondrey

Sparkling, explosive and triumphant, indie-pop artist Remy Ondrey has announced their new single Blind In Love, a cheeky ode to all the punishers; every toxic friend that just cannot get their shit together — out today. Blind In Love is accompanied by an energetic, colourful video that sees Remy moonlighting as a therapist for their friend — before hitting the stage with this undeniable pop-punk banger. Remy dropped by for a quick Q + A

What was the inspiration behind Blind In Love?

A lot of angsty songs seem to talk about toxic exes, but Blind in Love is actually written about a toxic friend. I think this is something that a lot of people have experienced, but I was really frustrated with this friend that was constantly causing drama and was really emotionally draining. At the time I was listening to a lot of pop punk/pop rock, like Demi Lovato’s early albums and Avril Lavigne and I thought that this style would be perfect to express this frustration. It’s like, yes this is really annoying, but it’s also not that serious.

Tell us about the video — what was the filming process like?

The filming process was super fun because it was made by a bunch of friends from my uni that were really invested in creating a great piece of art to see what they could do. The director, Seb Fendall, came up with the concept for the video that closely follows the storyline of the song. But I was also super insistent on having a garage party music video. It’s something that I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid watching the Call Me Maybe music video, and now that the Y2k aesthetic is really in, I took the opportunity and ran. It was just so fun to get all my friends together to shoot the video. It felt like a party.

Who are some of your musical heroes?

Okay so my number 1 musical hero is Lady Gaga, i’m a superfan and always have been. I went to the Born this Way Ball when I was 10 and she literally came out of an inflatable vagina. I was living. And growing up as a flamboyant gay kid, she gave me confidence and inspired my pop star dreams. But after my pre-teen pop girl obsession (which will always be there by the way), I started to expand my listening a bit. Art pop like Kate Bush and Bjork have been influential, as well as contemporary producers such as A.G. Cook and Flume that push the boundaries of electronic music.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

Currently, I actually work as a sex educator running workshops in high schools about consent, safe sex and heaps of other topics. This is a major passion of mine so I’d definitely probably be working in that space. However, music has always been part of my life so if I’m not writing/creating music, then I’d definitely be involved in the industry in some way – whether that be through working at a label or in live events.

What’s the last album you listened to in full?

It was Radiohead – OK Computer. Confession – I hadn’t listened to the album in full before, and my parents have been onto me for the past few months trying to get me to listen because they both appreciate Radiohead so much. When I was listening I literally couldn’t believe that I had been avoiding it because it’s quite literally a masterpiece in production quality, as well as bringing complex musical ideas into commercial work. I loved it so much that I started creating a playlist of just Radiohead songs that I like.

What’s happening next for you?

SO MUCH. I have a few gigs coming up so definitely follow me on socials if you want updates on those – but the most exciting thing is that I have heaps more songs coming up that I’m so so so excited about. I finally feel 100% happy with my music and that’s a great feeling. I also mayyyy have a very exciting New Years Eve gig at Fed Square as well but I probably shouldn’t talk too much about that yet hehe.

More about Remy Ondrey

Remy’s inherent love and understanding of what makes really good pop music is at the fore in Blind In Love. This is an artist that has studiously dedicated themselves to the best lyrics, the best hooks, the very best production — and the result is a truly irresistible pop track with a chorus that will be stuck in your head for DAYS. Evocative of Remy’s pop idols Olivia Rodrigo and Avril Lavigne, there is still something off-centre about the production that feels reminiscent of future-facing producers like the great SOPHIE and 100 gecs. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Remy says, “Filled with queer angst, this is a fun, upbeat pop-punk track for the girlies…. It’s about a friend — or, romantic interest — that just cannot get their shit together. They dump on you, they drain you, they ask you for shit, they’re selfish. This song is all about sitting in that frustration and making light of it.” 

The video is an incredibly slick affair — urgent, vibrant and forever in motion, the video follows Remy, rolling their eyes through another insufferable conversation with their friend (who is just a total punish). Directed by Sebastian Fendall, it’s a perfect reflection of the angsty, assertive yet deeply fun vibe of the song. 

Remy is a queer pop artist who has a strong, dedicated audience; routinely selling out shows across Melbourne and garnering an impressive 12,000 followers on TikTok, fans appreciate Remy’s candid, friendly and hilarious outlook on life as a musician in Australia. Their talent for relating with their fans, and capturing the best of the cultural zeitgeist in their music, is sure to propel Remy to new heights in 2023 — and if their upcoming tracks are anything to go by, we’ll be hearing much, much more about Remy in no time.