Q+A With The Tryouts

Q+A With The Tryouts

Your new favourite band The Tryouts have today announced their new single Wolf At The Door, an upbeat song written for the procrastinator — out today. Wolf At The Door is a rework of a previously released track from the duo, showcasing a refreshing sound and approach to making and releasing music.
The Tryouts, consisting of Chelsea Reed and Dave Macmichael, excel in fun, clever, guitar-driven indie-pop. Fans of Ben Folds and even early Ben Lee will find plenty to love in Wolf At The Door, a self-described “nihilist slacker anthem”. We caught up with The Tryouts for a quick Q+A

What are you guys up to right now? 

Chels: Right at this moment, we are in St Kilda having a coffee and doing our usual last minute get your act together routine for our show tonight! In other words, we are on tour. 

Tell us about Wolf At The Door. 

Chels: It’’s an existential crisis ballad, but we play it fast so you don’t feel depressed!

David: It’s a slacker rock anthem I’d been kicking around saying I’d finish some day for years. 

There’s a bit of a philosophical angle to Wolf At The Door — do either of you have a life philosophy? 

Chels: The older I get the more I realise that nothing really matters, which is a good thing! It’s freeing. I like to have something to look forward to, it keeps the scaries away. 

David: Not really but I’m starting to think someday I might. 

If The Tryouts had to do something other than music, what would it be? 

Chels: A film director! It’s still a pipe dream. Otherwise, I’d just keep working in a cafe, day dreaming and scheming.

David: I’d love to be a bicycle courier. I have no employable skills really. 

What’s the last album you listened to in full? 

Chels: It was Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville. 

David: Kate Bush’s Never for Ever on the plane ride over here – what a jam. 

What’s next for The Tryouts? 

Chels: Writing, writing, writing.

David: We’re going to come up with some new merch ideas and then write some songs to help sell the merch.