Album Review: Polaris – Fatalism

Album Review: Polaris – Fatalism


Strength can be defined as the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure, or the emotional or mental qualities necessary in dealing with difficult or distressing situations. Next to the word strength should be a photo of the band Polaris

The band’s career has been a rollercoaster of sorts, and with the recent tragedy of losing their band mate and brother Ryan, Polaris could easily have just said “No, we are done”, but as they have with other roadblocks, they find a way to continue on, stick together and move forward, and while it was not intended to be this way, this album is a band moving forward

“Harbinger” is an amazing introduction to the album, and the emotion it delivers really does what the word says, foreshadows what is to come. Jake’s vocals on this one, set the scene for Jamie and the band to break down the doors and announce the album in full glory

“Nightmare” , which served as one of the singles, is stadium ready. The Audiences will eat this one up for sure. The band interplay in this track shows why Polaris are amazing at what they do

“Parasite” has so much aggression, and has no let up at all, who ever the intended target was with this track, I wouldn’t want to be you for all the money in the world

Tracks like “Overflow” are a showcase for the vocalists of the band. Showing how they intertwine with one another but also give each other’s voice the space to shine. It’s amazing to be able to hear the different ranges both Jake and Jamie have developed as the band has grown

I cannot believe the amount of screams Jamie delivers in “Inhumane”but there is also some great vocal dynamics and you have “The Crossfire” and “Dissipate” which are old school Polaris for 2023, and drummer Daniel Furnari is an absolute beast on not just these but the whole album. A Lot of times in in this style of music, the drummer is all about themselves, Furnari plays for the song and plays perfect

“All In Vain” is an album closer in every sense of the word. As the listener, I feel it rounds out the album as it seems to touch on all the previous tracks but also brings back some lyrics from “Harbinger ” to complete the circle on the album. And it’s just that, a complete album, designed to be listened to in its entirety

Polaris shows why they are beloved and revered in their genre of music. Fatalism shows a band consistently moving forward, but always remembering the past. One thing is for sure, this band has weathered so many storms, and have done it with class, respect and strength. Fatalism may be

Ryan Siew’s final gift to his band mates and fans across the world, but this is also his band mates first gift to his memory, to continue, with strength.