Live Review: Dream On Dreamer – Brisbane 2023

Live Review: Dream On Dreamer – Brisbane 2023


Dream on Dreamer, the alternative metalcore band that seems to keep on coming back rocked the roof off of The Triffid with their Loveless 10-Year-Anniversary tour. Being joined by other fellow Aussie bands Inertia, Wayside and ALT, The Triffid was the place to be. 

Starting off the night was Sydney dark-pop band Inertia, bringing 110% energy like they do with every show they put on. It is always a pleasure seeing these guys and whenever they are on a line-up, you better know you are in for a good time. Inertia took the spot for heaviest band of the night. Lead singer Julian Latouche showcased his incredible vocal range, from throat-wrenching screamo to his high pitch, Windwaker like vocals. He can do it all. From the get-go of the quartet being on-stage, the Brisbane crowd did not shy away from circle pits, a common occurrence when the music is great, and the good vibes are high. If you haven’t already checked out this life of the party band, then put it on your to-do list cause you’re missing out.

Next up was Melbourne emo, shoegaze band Wayside. This rock band was a change of pace to the night for sure. With Inertia bringing the mosh, Wayside are more the band you can dance to without getting rough in the pit. The two openers bringing together the perfect mashup of sub-genres for the night. If you peered to the back of the stage, you would have seen drummer Nicholas Andrew showing off all the tricks in the book. Countless times you’d spot a drumstick being thrown or spun into the air. Although swinging more towards a shoe-gaze genre, you could definitely hear the influence of Deftones on this band. As you’re going to hear repeatedly in this review, Wayside are another band to behold live and a must listen to.

Bringing the heavy to the metal was ALT from Adelaide. I’ve been fortunate enough to see these guys twice this year and both times they have not disappointed. I could really hear an Architects and Bring Me The Horizon ascendancy on their music and stage presence. Front man Daniel Cullen-Richards kept the crowd moving, encouraging wall of deaths and circle pits. The crowd were all about it. I’m honestly surprised there were no crowd surfers making the jobs of security guards very easy. Julian from Inertia even made an appearance for final song APEP, putting his own spin on ‘Void of Vision’s’ vocalist Jack Bergin’s part. ALT really set the bar high for the night, getting everyone excited for what was yet to come. 

To finish off the night, the band everyone had been waiting for, the return of Dream on Dreamer. The room at this point was crammed front to back with fans ready to mosh their little emo hearts out and what a way it was to close off the night. I had never heard Dream on Dreamer’s music until tonight, but holy heck will I be listening to their music from here on out. Classic me finding out a new band I like after a breakup. Front man Marcel Gardacz and guitarist & vocalist Zach Britt harmonized with each other beautifully and kept the energy up. Even photographers were spotted singing along as they were shooting the show. Marcel was also spotted getting up close with the crowd, bringing the one-on-one connection to life. It’s always so awesome being able to see bands still connecting with their fans, even when the crowd is double the size to what it once was back when they began. Daniel Cullen-Richards also jumped on stage to sing ‘Come Home True Love.’ If Dream on Dreamer ever decide to get back together properly and not just for a reunion show, I would 100% be there. Dream On Dreamer still have one more show in Sydney to go at Crowbar on August 26th. The alternative, metalcore band from Melbourne have had a highly successful Australian Tour celebrating the 10-year-anniversaery of their highly beloved album ‘Loveless.’