Live Review: Missy Higgins – Brisbane 2024

Live Review: Missy Higgins – Brisbane 2024

DATE: 23RD MAY 2024

Thursday night Brisbane was treated to the first of Missy Higgins ‘Second Act Tour’ celebrating the 20th Anniversary of her debut Album, ‘The Sound of White’. 

The Concert Hall in the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) was the perfect location for this very intimate show with one of Australia’s greatest storytellers. 

Split into 2 sets, the first set was a stripped back gift to the dedicated fans who filled the hall. Old songs, and a bunch of new songs, some from the upcoming album that are not even released yet, and a beautiful story to tell with each one. You don’t often get such an amazing sneak peak of a new album, and these songs show another rarity in an artist being so open and frank about their life. I was particularly moved by one story and the song that followed which Missy wrote for her daughter Luna. Sitting next to my little boy, relating deeply to the story being told, I had tears streaming down my face. And as I turned to look at my boy, he was crying too. 

Missy, from one mother to another, that message you hope your daughter understands when she is a bit older, I believe was understood by my little boy. I thank you for being so giving, to share something so personal with us. It helped my child, it helped me and I am sure it will have that same impact on many people, including your babies x 

I am not going to tell those reading what the song is about, I am just going to tell you to make sure you buy the new album when it is released, because if the songs we heard Thursday night are anything to go by, this could very well be album of the year! 

The 9 song, intimate opening set from Missy Higgins was so very special. During the intermission I heard many people talking about the emotion in the songs and how moved they were and how beautiful the set had been. 

When the announcement came in the lobby, everyone was very excited to head back in for the celebration of ‘The Sound of White’. As the lights went down a recording played over the speakers of an interview with a very young Missy Higgins after winning the Triple J unearthed when her sister entered her song ‘All for Believing’ into the competition. Taking the stage Missy continued on with the story, telling us that her sister even put the song onto tape before sending it to the radio station and then she opened the set with that very song taking us all back 20 years to where our love for this amazing woman began. 

Explaining to the crowd that making a tracklist for an album is different to making a setlist for a tour, the next song we got to hear was ‘Katie’. 

Through the night we learnt that ‘Nightminds’ was for Missy’s best friend, ‘Ten Days’ was about leaving a lover to go abroad, following it up with ‘This is How It Goes’ explaining that this one was about that same lover!

But I think when learning more about these songs, the biggest shock for the crowd was learning that ‘The Special Two’ was not about a lover, but about Missy’s sister, and once she told us the story and then sang the song, I was once again crying. 

Finishing the set with the album’s title track ‘The Sound of White’, I am certain there was not a dry eye as Missy told us the story of this song and then delivered the most beautiful version I have heard her play live. It was stunning. The crowd rose to their feet and gave Missy Higgins a very well deserved standing ovation as her and her band took their final bow. 

The whole night was truly beautiful, a very special show for Missy’s adoring Brisbane fans. For people like myself who have been fans since that first song and first album and have seen Missy several times and loved it every single time, this was an experience I will never forget. I am truly grateful to Missy and Frontier Touring for having us along for ‘The Second Act’. 

There are a limited number of shows with tickets available, so for any fans who haven’t got theirs yet I would suggest you grab your tickets asap, this show is not to be missed. And for those who have their tickets and are eagerly waiting their turn, you are going to have the best time! Enjoy!! 

Until the next gig