Live Review: Mudvayne And Coal Chamber – Brisbane 2023

Live Review: Mudvayne And Coal Chamber – Brisbane 2023


Valentines Day is the day for love, so the nu metal pairing of Mudvayne and Coal Chamber may not seem romantic as such, but a packed crowd at Brisbane’s Fortitude Music hall, filled the room with flying water bottles, circle pits, and
headbanging. If thats not love, I dont know what is.

The line stretched around the block, but the fans were calm waiting to get in, but that is the last of the calm we saw. The unlikely intro music of The Chordettes, Mr. Sandman twists its way into the theme from Halloween, and Coal Chamber
hit the ground running with “Loco”. It was an unusual opener, as its one of their well known songs which most bands save for later, but the way the pit opened up immediately, i really think it doesnt matter. Dez Farfara commands the stage
and along with his bandmates, Mike Cox on Drums, Nadja Peulen on Bass and Meegs Rascon on guitar, they really put on a master class in intensity and brutality, which didnt let up for the entire set.

Clock see’s Dez ask the audience to get down on the floor, and who are they to refuse. At the appointed moment a see of humans lept to their feet and absolutely lost their minds. Dez and Co. took their opening slot and upped the game making sure
headliners Mudvayne really had to bring their A Game to take the prize.

And the A Game was brought. Mudvayne were decked out in the classic vibe and ripped straight into Not Falling. The set leaned on the L.D.50 material which really went over with the Brisbane crowd, and Chad made sure he connected with them all, especially
those in the front row as he ripped down into the pit dodging the photographers and security as well. Ryan Martinie is not only a badass on the bass but one of the most entertaining showman you will see. The way he contorts his body is
just nuts.

Chad really took some time to delve deep with the Brisbane crowd, and talks to them on a one to one level about anger and leaving it behind, it was a solemn moment in the middle of sheer insanity

“Can You Dig It?”, yup, we could Chad. Dig is when pure choaos is unleashed, the sheer force of the pit was probably felt out on the street, before the end what they are saying is there last Brisbane show ever with “Happy?”, and its safe to say
the crowd left happy.

The rest of the country are in for a real treat with this tour. Prepare to have your ears ring, your neck hurt and your soul filled. Its a great night