Live Review: P!nk – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane 2024

Live Review: P!nk – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane 2024


When P!NK’s Summer Carnival 2024 was announced, Brisbane fans snapped up tickets quick as sticks and started planning their pink themed outfits!

The day of the first Brisbane show we were hit by an unexpected downpour, it rained and rained all day and many of us worried if the show would go ahead, but with continues reassurance from Suncorp Stadium, fans came out ready to dance in the rain all night with P!NK!!!!! A sea of ponchos and pink filled the stadium as the DJ warmed up the crowd and had us partying to some Aussie classics.

To kick the night off, one of Australia’s greatest musicians to emerge in the last few years Tones & I, sang up a storm and danced in the rain getting the crowds energy up! I was thrilled to hear this young lady live, what a voice!!! And you could see the love on stage between her and her band and dancers, such a great vibe! I think Tones & I was the perfect opening act for P!NK. It just gives that great women supporting great women vibe and we need more of that in the world! Tones & I’s set was a mix of old and new, even singing a new single for the adoring Brisbane crowd.

As we waited for P!NK to everyone’s delight the rain stopped and the ponchos came off and everyone was truly ready when the video screens lit up! In the style of Max Headroom P!NK appeared and chattered with the crowd, soaring the crowds excitement! As the video went dark and the lights hit the stage P!NK appeared at the top of the stage ready for her first aerial of the night! What a way to start a show!!!

Bouncing down to the floor she screamed to us ‘Are you ready?!!’ and off we went on P!NK’s Summer Carnival!!! What a journey the night was! From dance performances that took your breath away, trampolining tricksters who I couldn’t take my eyes off, pyro, confetti and aerial performances that are just mind blowing, this was the most entertaining, fun filled enjoyable concert we have ever been too!! Song after song bought something new as P!NK delivered a catalogue of old and new favourites as well as a few incredible covers.

For me there were 3 big moments. And my 3 would be different to the person across from me in the stadiums 3. (And that’s why you should always buy the tickets and go to the shows!!) Two pink roller flamingo’s dancing on the stage during ‘Raise Your Glass’ added so much to what was already a pumping colourful stage! It really was a sight to behold!

The energy in Suncorp Stadium was like nothing I have ever experienced last night, it was magic and this was just the 2nd song, and the crowd was still there with that energy at the last song! I thoroughly enjoyed the stripped back acoustic set, P!NK in her ‘It costs a lot of money to look this cheap’ shirt (continuing the “legendary-ness” of Dolly Parton!) singing ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ with her backing singers was a moment in time. Just stunning.

Adding to this moment was the pure vulnerability P!NK shared with us as she sung ‘When I Get There’. If you were there, you know. This was a truly beautiful part of the show.

And my 3rd ‘moment’ was simply P!NK!

Her conversations with individuals in the crowd, accepting Tim Tam’s and Candies, dolls with teeth and roses aplenty, she genuinely gives people time where she can, like signing a ladies tattoo of her mid set. She is humble, generous and loving of her fans and I think this means every show of hers would have unique moments of connection and happiness and that makes me want to go again and again.

The last song of the night, is where we get the best surprise from P!NK as she seemingly flies around the whole stadium saying “hi” up close to the people in the top stands, doing aerial tricks and sings out the night with ‘So What’.

P!NK you truly are a Rock Star, we are so thrilled you came to Brisbane and we absolutely hope you are back soon so we can bring the whole family along and party with you! Thank you for having us!

Our thanks also to Live Nation Australia and Revolutions Per Minute PR for a fantastic night.

Until the next gig


P.S – Someone asked me what my first concert was tonight. The answer took me on a journey to Twin Towns 1990 (ish) for the Aussie Pop Princesses “Girlfriend”, which is why going to shows is so much fun, you never know the conversations you are about to have with the new gig friends you meet.