Live Review: Spanish Love Songs – Gold Coast 2023

Live Review: Spanish Love Songs – Gold Coast 2023


‘Spanish Love Songs,’ a grouchrock band reigning from the shores of Los Angeles, California have travelled down under to bless us with their Australian Tour mere days before the release of their upcoming fourth album ‘No Joy.’ Joining them on this tour leg is Brisbane locals ‘Bad Neighbour’ and Western Sydney alt band, ‘Amends.’

When I first entered the venue, the performance room was bare. Being a school night though, it’s hard to pull a crowd. However, as soon as ‘Amends’ hit the stage and the sound of a guitar rang through the venue, the crowd flooded in. With lead singer Luke leading the show, encouraging everyone to move up and be more one-on-one, the crowd was bopping their heads along and having a little dance in no time. I really liked the comedic spark the drummer, Mork brought to the show with his commentary in-between songs. It created a light-hearted and a here-to-have-fun type of vibe to the show. I highly recommend checking out ‘Amends.’

With the crowd warmed up, it was time for ‘Bad Neighbour’ to take the stage. Their name may have Bad in the title, but they are anything but. The last time I saw these guys was during the Good Things heats at Brightside in December 2022 when they were up against other Brisbane locals ‘Apate’ and ‘Tetrament.’ To see the growth the rock band has had since then is absolutely amazing. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Cooper Riley is not afraid to get real with music. ‘Bad Neighbour’ are known for their realness and deep meanings behind their music and even in a live setting, Cooper does not shy away from showcasing what the songs are truly about. A lot of which really hit home for myself and I’m sure many others in the crowd. With songs written about bad experiences with ex’s and even homelessness, ‘Bad Neighbour’ create a space where people who sometimes feel alone in a dark world, can now feel like someone understands them. It really pushes the whole rough-around-the-edges punk and emo sub-genres. Once again, if you haven’t checked these guys out, you’re missing out.

To finish off the night was headlining band ‘Spanish Love Songs.’ If you, like myself, had never heard of this band before, your mind wouldn’t necessarily jump to punk rock. Sometimes going in with a blind eye can really help the experience of a show just blow you away that much more. The crowd was really into the music from the moment the 5-piece band walked on stage but never getting to the point of over-the-top rowdy. ‘Spanish Love Songs’ music really reminded me of the old-school rock of the 80’s/90’s. The good old classics. I really love the idea as well of the band creating their own sub-genre of punk and emo music and calling it “grouchrock.” These days genres are hit or miss with most bands and musicians exploring a massive span of sub-genres or, like these guys, completely creating their own simply through the experimentation of music. It really brings the unique flare to the show. With their fourth studio album called “No Joy” being released on August 25th, what more reason could you want to check out this Californian band. 

The Australian Tour has three more shows left making it a fully packed weekend in Brisbane and Melbourne for the bands and touring crew with one Melbourne show already sold out. 

Ensure to check out “Spanish Love Songs” new album “No Joy” out August 25th.