Live Review: Evanescence – Brisbane 2023

Live Review: Evanescence – Brisbane 2023


We arrived to a very packed Riverstage as The Beautiful Monument took the stage. How incredible are these guys! 

Fronted by powerhouse Lizi Blanco, this Australian band really know how to deliver with their high energy stage presence! I was instantly hooked by TBM and am a new fan for sure! What a great choice of band to open for the incredible Evanescence. 

This is one I have been waiting for. I hadn’t had the chance to see Evanescence live until tonight and I was not disappointed. 

From the moment the band took the stage and the crowd roared for Amy Lee, the energy flowing through Brisbane’s Riverstage was electric!

Opening with ‘Broken Pieces Shine, the crowd instantly singing along and by song 3 the crowd erupted to ‘Going Under’.

The band was tight all night and Will Hunt up on the elevated drum kit was a spectacle all himself!  

There were new songs, old songs and amazing medley’s that seemed to just keep going! I honestly don’t know where Amy Lee gets her vocal strength from, but it really is something special.  

Song after song the band delivered, moshing on stage with their instruments as Amy Lee torn it up from one end to the other with that strength and forceful presence which she throws hard into every song. 

Delivering messages to us about self worth, love, standing up for yourself and then belting out lyrics for us to chant and dance along too, really allowing those messages to resonate. 

You can see in a crowd when a band connects on a special level and Evanescence did tonight and i am thankful to have been part of that moment. 

And it was capped of beautifully tonight with ‘My Immortal’ followed by ‘Bring me to Life’.

During ‘My Immortal’ Brisbane lit up the sky with torches and I saw several people with tears running down their Cheeks. That raw emotion that over comes when hearing such a song live, is something to behold.

And then we all unleashed the sadness and came back to life as Evanescence said goodbye to Brisbane and promised us it would not be such a long time until they return and when they do, I will be there.

Evanescence were a favorite from my late teenage years and their performance 

tonight shows why their fans still love them!  

To the Band, Destroy All Lines and Dallas Does PR, thanks for having us along! 

Until the next gig 



Broken Pieces Shine
What You Want
Going Under
Take Cover
Medley 1- Lose Control / Part of Me / Never Go Back
Call Me When You’re Sober
Far From Heaven
Better Without You
Wasted on You
End of the Dream
Medley 2- Haunted / My Last Breath / Cloud Nine / Everybody’s Fool / Weight of the World / Whisper
Use My Voice
Blind Belief
My Immortal
Bring Me to Life