Live Review: VOIID Brisbane 2023

Live Review: VOIID Brisbane 2023

DATE: JUNE 24TH 2023

Doors were barely opened and all the seated areas were already filling, which made for a great start to the night.

Kicking things off were Sacred Hearts. Loved their vibe, while a bit more chilled, people were all bopping along to their songs. The two girls on stage (with a little help from their laptop) displayed amazing guitar techniques along with some angelic harmonies. One of the singers then abandoned her guitar to get in her words “Slutty with it for the gorgeous crowd”. Show really became more of a sexual and sensual vibe.

The singer gave everyone a fright saying she was unfit, yet taking a leaf out of Emmy from Redhooks book came back on stage with blood pouring from her mouth, thankfully all part of the act. With their screaming and wailing styled vocals they are going to be love or hate but like any good sirens they had the crowd hooked.

Next up were the strangely named, Blind Girls, who only had one female member. Photos took a bit of a back seat for me as i was enveloped in a mosh pit. But the screamo feels of Thy Art Is Murder were evident, and while the female lead can scream with the best of them, the lyrics were hard to make out, which makes it hard to get into a song. Super hard to get into the band as I kept getting smashed into the speakers and stage so I watched the rest of the show from afar

Headliners VOIID are a super fun pop-rock band that spent their set looking after their crowd, while giving off the feel good vibes. Everyone in the venue was dancing and having the best time. Vocally the band really had a lasting impact on me, I could hear the love and passion behind everyone. As someone that was hearing their music for the first time, I would recommend to everyone and I will be seeking out the entire discography.