Music Review: The Beatles – Now And Then


Billed as “The Final song” by the world’s greatest group The Beatles – “Now & Then” was today released for the world to hear. From its humble 1977 demo form recorded by John Lennon in his Dakota apartment…to today has been a journey.

Originally shelved due to technology inadequacies in 1995 – fast forward to today and the world gets one final track thoroughly deserving of The Beatles title.

From the evocative opening featuring John’s isolated vocals the song immediately raises the hair on the back of your neck. Paul adds in some beautifully layered harmonies as the prefect Lennon/McCartney aura we have all come accustomed hearing over the past 60 plus years – no matter how old or young you are!

Ringo delivers his usual professional backbeat to the track. archival recordings of Harrison’s guitar work with a heavily influenced slide complete The Fab Four DNA for the song.

The song’s lyrics are a fitting emotional farewell that touches on so many of the band’s loves, losses, gains and deaths that time presents to us all. The band that were generations ahead of their time still are pushing the boundaries of recording right to the final note!

Special thanks to

Jeff Lynne,

Giles Martin,

Peter Jackson & his company WingNut Films

and the countless others who helped this final masterpiece for us all to appreciate.