News: Dulcie Continue To Blaze Through The Year With New Single ‘Off By Heart’

News: Dulcie Continue To Blaze Through The Year With New Single ‘Off By Heart’

Fresh off the back of a successful run of headline shows down the East Coast and back home in WA, DULCIE have continued to power through into the second half of the year, releasing their latest single in ‘Off By Heart’.

Following the release of popular tracks ‘Sleep It Off’‘Test Drive’ and ‘Feels Like This’ this year – so far netting the trio over 140,000 streams combined on Spotify alone – ‘Off By Heart’ repositions Dulcie as Australia’s queens of beautifully wistful sounds; masters of the pop hook and chorus; and harmonies that are impossible to not fall in love with.

“The love you give is just criminal / It’s not worth it / I’m not your ransom call…”

Recording ‘Off By Heart’ between 4000 Studios and Hen House Rehearsal Studios, Dulcie teamed up once more with the talented Konstantin Kersting (The Jungle Giants, Tones And I) on mixing, and Leon Zervos (Rihanna, Maroon 5) on mastering.

For fans of artists like Holly HumberstoneSigrid and Tate McRae, this new track from Dulcie continues to represent the band’s consistency as songwriters, elevating and highlighting their strengths. From the chorus to the melodic swells, and then the lyricism that builds a natural emotional space with ease, ‘Off By Heart’ is Dulcie in the most perfect of creative rhythms.

“There’s a fine line between giving someone another chance and finally calling it quits. ‘Off By Heart’ is about learning to stop ignoring the red flags and to put yourself first above all the excuses and false promises.” DULCIE

For the release of ‘Off By Heart’, Dulcie teamed up with Stephanie Senior and Alex Power to produce striking visuals for their new track. Capturing the mood of the single, the visuals were filmed at the WAAPA Media Studio.

“Ash wrote the song around the phrase ‘Off By Heart’ with the intention of creating something emotive and relatable. It started out as a soft, slow piano ballad that eventually evolved into much more of a pop anthem!

We tried recording it a few different ways but could never get it quite right – it wasn’t until our producer Konstantin Kersting messaged us,  ‘I had a dream last night – and we need to completely redo the drum timing and tempo’ that we found the synth infused, beat driven direction we wanted to take. The contrast between the lyrics and production gives the song a feeling of empowerment and strength.” DULCIE