News: Eva Under Fire Release Expanded Edition Of Love, Drugs And Misery With New Tracks And Single Ft Corey Marks

News: Eva Under Fire Release Expanded Edition Of Love, Drugs And Misery With New Tracks And Single Ft Corey Marks


Celebrate One-Year Anniversary Of 2022 Debut  ‘Love, Drugs & Misery’

With Announcement Of Deluxe Edition Due September 22 

Release Bonus Track & Official Radio Single “Unstoppable (Feat. Cory Marks)”

Emerging Detroit-based rock outfit EVA UNDER FIRE will celebrate the one-year anniversary of their critically acclaimed debut full-length album LOVE, DRUGS & MISERY with news of a deluxe edition due September 22 via Better Noise Music. The original album, which features tracks with guest performances from Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine KillsJonathan Dörr (formerly of Ego Kill Talent) and From Ashes To New, now gets the deluxe treatment with 10 bonus tracks including a cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”; two acoustic tracks; four Noise Machine-remixed tracks; two reimagined tracks featuring country rocker Cory Marks; and more. 

Pre-orders for LOVE, DRUGS & MISERY: DELUXE EDITION are available now via digital download at

Today, the female-fronted EVA UNDER FIRE have released one of the LOVE, DRUGS & MISERY: DELUXE EDITION bonus tracks; it’s a new version of their passionate single “Unstoppable” which has received a country flair courtesy of breakout country rockstar CORY MARKS. It will be serviced to radio and follows their latest official radio single “Blow (feat. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills)” which peaked at #11 on the Active Rock charts. Combining Marks’ soulful twang with EVA UNDER FIRE vocalist EVA MARIE’s entrancing melodic-yet-heavy rock vocals, “Unstoppable (Feat. Cory Marks)” tugs at listeners’ heartstrings. 

Listen to “Unstoppable (Feat. Cory Marks)” streaming now across all platforms

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“I’m a hopeless romantic so I wrote “Unstoppable” about my parents’ high school love story,” shares EVA MARIE. “My dad used to steal his sister’s corvette while she was at work and pick my mom up for joy rides. For me, this song honors my rebellious roots; a classic outlaw story that fits just as easily in a rock song as it could in a country song and you can hear that in the way we recorded the original version, the swing between rock and country is undeniable. I feel the attitude and the swagger every time we play it live, and now having Cory Marks add his vocals to the track really feels like it brings the song home, it makes the perfect vibe for ‘Unstoppable!’”

“I was thrilled that Eva Under Fire asked me to feature on their song ‘Unstoppable,’ states MARKS. “It’s a rockin tune with a bit of a country groove and story to it. It’s like a rock n roll Bonnie and Clyde, underdogs ready to burn it up and I dig that!”

Track List:

1. Blow (feat. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills)

2. Unstoppable

3. With Or Without You

4. Another Shot Through The Heart

5. Misery

6. The Strong

7. Death Of Me

8. Ghost

9. Coming For Blood (feat. Matt Brandyberry from From Ashes To New)

10. Comatose (feat. Jonathan Dörr)

11. Give Me A Reason


1. I Will Fight (2023 Version)

2. Devil In Disguise

3. Come Undone

4. Separate Ways

5. War Pigs (Black Sabbath cover)

6. The Strong (Acoustic)

7. Blow (Acoustic)

8. Comatose EUF version

9. Unstoppable (feat. Cory Marks)

10. Give Me A Reason (feat. Cory Marks)

11. Coming For Blood (Noise Machine Remix)

12. Heroin(e) (Noise Machine Remix)

13. Comatose (Noise Machine Remix)

14. Unstoppable (Noise Machine Remix)

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