Melbourne indie-folk rockers, Pierce Brothers have today unveiled their latest single, Studio, the first release from their upcoming album. Alongside the single, Jack and Pat Pierce, have also announced a European tour set for early 2024, marking 10 years of touring the continent. Studio is the first track where the Brothers have stepped into a producing role themselves and features the duo’s signature blend of acoustic guitar, percussion, and soaring harmonies.

The songwriting process for Studio was an exciting and collaborative effort based deeply in their live performing and touring roots. “We first jammed this track onstage during soundcheck in Marlo, East Gippsland, and wrote the lyrics while sitting in a hotel room in Johannesburg,” says Jack. While the energetic elements of the music came easily enough through jamming, the lyrics were another story altogether. “I was feeling particularly disconnected from home when we came up with the idea for the lyrics, I missed my family, my kids. The idea of being so caught up in music that I would lose them haunted me, and this song was an exploration of those emotions.”  The result is an emotionally poignant song that blends beautiful melodies with dark, almost melancholic lyrics, depicting the tragedy of a man’s obsession not allowing him to see what he’s losing in real-time. 
Studio represents a new chapter in music recording for the brothers. Teaming up with long-time collaborator Phil Threlfall to produce alongside themselves, the single was recorded in Jack’s home studio. “I have to say the best part was the commute!!” says Jack, “We’re just so stoked that this is the start of something new here. We have this incredible space at our disposal all the time now! We can’t wait to just write album after album!!”
To celebrate the new single, Pierce Brothers have announced a European tour slated early in 2024. The boys are raring to get back as Pat Pierce explains, “Europe is one of our favourite places to tour, and we can’t believe it’s already been 10 years since our first European festival slot! 2014’s Lowlands performance is what kicked things off for us over there. After that show, all of a sudden we had people buying tickets to shows, venues were filling up, and suddenly we were a European touring act! It changed the course of our careers! We’ve always been a band that built off the momentum of the last tour, so to be able to keep onto it after a decade is just insane!’
With the global COVID crisis affecting touring the world over, the duo weren’t sure if Europe would still be a viable touring market, but after heading back for the first time in three years in 2022, their fans turned up in record numbers and the band were reassured Europe was still a crucial market for them. “We’re so thrilled to get back and play to some of these countries that we’ve loved visiting over the years, and some places we haven’t been since before 2020! We’re so thrilled to know we still have such a strong and supportive fanbase there!”
Pierce Brothers are known for their high-energy live performance and their ability to create authentic, heartfelt music that speaks to the soul. Studio is a testament to their musical prowess and their dedication to their craft. With their toes firmly in the sand, writing and recording music and touring Australia relentlessly, Pierce Brothers are poised to take the indie-folk world by storm.
Studio by Pierce Brothers is out today, October 13 via Ditto
Tickets for the European tour go on sale Today at
2024 Studio Europe Tour 
Tuesday, Feb 13 – The Garage, London UK
Thursday, Feb 15 – Reflektor, Liege BEL
Friday, Feb 16 – Badehaus Szimpla, Berlin GER
Saturday, Feb 17 – Nochtspeicher, Hamburg GER
Sunday, Feb 18 – Artheater, Cologne GER
Tuesday, Feb 20 – Rotown, Rotterdam NETH
Wednesday, Feb 21 – Vera, Groningen NETH
Thursday, Feb 22 – Doornroosje (Purple Room), Nijmegen NETH
Friday, Feb 23 – Paradiso – Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam NETH
Sunday, Feb 25 – Strom, Munich GER
Tuesday, Feb 27 – Supersonic Records, Paris FRA
Wednesday, Feb 28 – Paard Van Troje, The Hague NETH