Live Review: Beartooth + Pierce The Veil – Brisbane 2023

DATE: 29TH JULY 2023


The sun was setting over the scenic Riverstage in Brisbane, Australia, as the eager  crowd gathered to witness the highly acclaimed band Dayseeker grace the stage. The  evening promised to be an emotional journey, and the Californian pop-punk outfit  delivered beyond expectations, leaving the audience captivated and moved by their  solid performance. 

Kicking off their set with the powerful “Sleep in the Sea Pt. II,” Dayseeker immediately  established an intimate connection with the audience. Vocalist Rory Rodriguez’s  hauntingly evocative voice enveloped the venue, carrying raw emotions that  resonated deeply with fans. From the onset, it was evident that this was not just a  concert but a heartfelt and cathartic experience. 

As the set approached its end, Dayseeker treated the audience to “Sleeptalk” and  “Burial Plot” ensuring the evening ended on a high note for Brisbane audiences. 

Pierce the Veil 

The stage was set, and the emo audience were borderline sobbing with excitement  as fans from all corners of Brisbane eagerly awaited the long-anticipated  performance of pop-punk titans, Pierce the Veil. The iconic amphitheatre seemed to  pulsate with the anticipation of what was to come. From the first strum’s of guitar’s  to the last scream, the band delivered a show that left the crowd in awe and  solidified their place as one of the most captivating live acts in the pop-punk scene.  

As the lights dimmed and the familiar sounds of the crowd chanting “Pierce the Veil”  reverberated through the air, the band members emerged with an energy that  immediately engulfed the audience. Kicking off their set with the explosive “Bulls in  the Bronx,” the electrifying riffs and high-octane drumming set the tone for what  would be a night of intense musical prowess. 

Vocalist Vic Fuentes commanded the stage with a magnetic presence, his voice  effortlessly transitioning from velvety smooth melodies to guttural screams, taking  the crowd on an emotional rollercoaster. Fans sang along passionately to every word,  their voices blending with Fuentes’s in a collective anthem of unity. 

Pierce the Veil’s chemistry was palpable as each member displayed their exceptional  talent throughout the show. Lead guitarist Tony Perry mesmerized with his soaring solos, while bassist Jaime Preciado and drummer Mike Fuentes maintained a tight  rhythm section that kept the adrenaline pumping. The band’s ability to effortlessly  synchronize their sound demonstrated the years of playing as a unit.  

As the setlist progressed, the emotional intensity only increased. Songs like  “Caraphernelia,” “King for a Day,” and “Circles” sent shivers down spines, sparking an  outpouring of emotion from fans who had connected deeply with the band’s  heartfelt lyrics. 

Notably, Pierce the Veil took the time to address their gratitude towards their fans  and Brisbane’s warm reception. The band’s genuine appreciation for their audience  added a personal touch to the night, making everyone in the venue feel like part of a  close-knit family. 

Pierce the Veil’s show in Brisbane was nothing short of a quintessential pop punk  moment. From sharing sweet words with their fans, giving out guitars and showing a  genuine kindness to the crowd that showed up for them on the 29th.  


Beartooth took the stage with a fury that ignited the venue and set the tone for an  unforgettable performance. 

The night kicked off with the thunderous “Aggressive,” instantly turning the venue  into a swirling mass of mosh pits and crowd surfing. Vocalist Caleb Shomo’s raw and  visceral screams resonated through the air, setting the stage for an intense and  electrifying show. The band’s sheer power and ferocity were on full display from the  get-go, leaving no doubt that this would be an unrelenting sonic storm. 

As the setlist progressed, Beartooth’s technical prowess shone through. Guitarists  Kamron Bradbury and Zach Huston delivered blistering riffs and crushing  breakdowns, while bassist Oshie Bichar and drummer Connor Denis maintained an  unstoppable rhythm section that drove the audience into a frenzy. The band’s  seamless chemistry and tight musicianship elevated their performance to new  heights. 

The visual production was a perfect accompaniment to the band’s music, with  dynamic lighting and intense visuals enhancing the overall experience. The  Riverstage’s acoustics allowed Beartooth’s sound to reverberate powerfully  throughout the venue, enveloping the audience in a wall of sound that was both  deafening and exhilarating.

Encore time arrived as Beartooth unleashed their signature hit “Disease.” The entire  venue erupted in a chorus of voices, united in their passion for the music and the  message it carried. After a pretty intense few hours, the crowd dispersed and the  flood of Y2K emofied looks pooled around the gates of riverstage.  

It was a night full of signage, singing and sobbing – the emos really be out here  giving it 100.