News: Dirt City Mix Middle Eastern Grooves with Monster Riffs on New Single Death in the Desert. Self Titled Debut EP Coming Aug 18

Mix Middle Eastern Grooves with Monster Riffs on New Single
Death in the Desert

Self Titled Debut EP Coming Aug 18

Sydney rockers Dirt City, continue to push boundaries with their highly anticipated second single, “Death in the Desert.” The epic track, taken from their forthcoming, self titled EP out Aug 18, showcases the band’s mastery in blending Middle Eastern mysticism with thunderous heavy riffage, creating a truly mesmerising and captivating musical journey: from the sands of the East to the streets of Dirt City.

Produced, recorded, and mixed to perfection by Nathan Sheehy (DZ Deathrays) and mastered by Grant Berry (Stand Atlantic, Fangz), “Death in the Desert” stands as Dirt City’s magnum opus, immersing listeners in a sonic landscape that transcends genres and defies expectations. With its massive riffs, soaring catchy choruses, and an epic magnitude that echoes the titans of its generation, it solidifies Dirt City’s place in the Australian rock scene.

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Drawing inspiration from the textures of Tool, the sludge heaviness of Alice in Chains, and anthemic grind of Metallica, Dirt City infuses their unique blend of alternative heavy rock with dreamy interludes that transport listeners to sinister realms. “Death in the Desert” takes listeners on a journey through dynamic contrasts, seamlessly transitioning from the mystical allure of the Orient to the explosive power of heavy metal riffage.

This monumental track reflects the band’s dedication to crafting songs that leave a lasting impact. With its grandiose proportions, “Death in the Desert” epitomises Dirt City’s ability to create a harmonious fusion of diverse musical elements while staying true to their core sound of grit and heart – and of course, dirt. The result showcases the band’s ability to balance intensity with tranquillity, reflecting the ever-changing dynamism of the desert itself.

Join Dirt City on this exhilarating journey as they release their debut self-titled EP, on August 18 2023, and experience the full force of their sound.

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