News: Kaylens Rain Return With New Single + Video “One Song Brings You Back”

News: Kaylens Rain Return With New Single + Video “One Song Brings You Back”

After two remarkable studio albums, Golden Guitar nominations, multiple chart-topping singles and  sought-after festival slots; Kaylens Rain went on hiatus to spend time with their growing families.  Now, after almost 7 years of silence, the trio are back with their infectious new single, ‘One Song  Brings You Back’. 

‘One Song Brings You Back’ celebrates the nostalgia gifted in music. Like the lyrical sentiment, the  track too feels instantly timeless. Originally pitched to the band in 2018 by Nashville based writers,  Brett Rutledge and Jessica Campbell Waterman, the recording has been a long time coming. 

“We instantly fell in love with the ideals and meanings these words had for each of us at the time. In  collaboration with Brett and Jessica, we were able to rework the lyrics to tell our own story and added  it to our live set. After spending the last few years raising our young families, it was a matter of finding  the right time to release music again.” 

After releasing their albums Found (2018) and In Our Blood (2016), siblings, Glen and Kaylee, made  the decision to step away from Kaylens Rain. Now that they’ve returned – with Kaylee’s husband Joel on board as a full-time member – they’re rediscovered a fierce passion for music.

“After a long break, this song has brought us back to what we love doing and made us remember why  we love music so much,” reveals Kaylee. “It’s a powerful thing that can spark memories and evoke all  kinds of feelings in everyone!” 

When it came time to record One Song Brings You Back’, the trio turned to long-time producer  Andrew Cochrane at Red Engine Studios in Brisbane. “We worked with Andrew on our previous 2  albums, and we just really gel with him. He knows how to really push us vocally and create a sound  that is unique to us.” 

Shooting the accompanying music video proved to be full of surprises. Originally planning to film a live  recoding with videographer, Jackson James, the band decided to try a music video instead, after  securing a vintage Ford F-150 truck the night before shooting. “We quickly put our heads together to  brainstorm a storyboard that morning.” 

They decided to star the truck’s owner, Garry, in the video alongside his granddaughter. The story  board idea was for Garry and his granddaughter to spend the day together, reminiscing on a fictional  wife who had passed away. When we told them the idea, they could not believe it. Sadly, Garry’s  beautiful wife Sharyn had passed 4 weeks earlier and the storyboard idea actually became their real 

life story. Everyone had goosebumps and the meaning of this song took on a whole new life – it became  Garry and Darcy’s song and it felt like Sharyn was watching over them all day.” 

Kaylens Rain’sinnate ability to connect with people through song has earned them two Golden Guitar nominations and spots on stages around the world. They’ve opened shows for Morgan Evans, The  McClymonts and Amber Lawrence amongst others, and appeared at the CMA Global Artist Showcase in Nashville.  ‘One Song Brings You Back’ is sure to be another hit for the reinvigorated trio. Its heart-warming  sentiment and effortless groove are reminders that this band still has so much more great music to  give. To celebrate the release of the new single, Kaylens Rain will perform at The Well Bar in Newcastle  on July 27.